Luxury beauty on a budget…really?

Pro-Glow Superstrobbing Drops

Let’s talk make up. I love makeup.

A while back I came across an article in the Sunday Times talking about a website called I took a snapshot and sent it to a friend of mine who I knew would not be able to resist investigating this site. Having totally forgotten about it..6 months later we got talking and infact she had been using the site for a few months. I like to think of myself as a leader, but really I prefer a recommendation!
So the deal is you pay a subscription of £10 per month (this can be cancelled at anytime). For this, each month you are given a savings allowance of £100. They claim to source luxury makeup and skincare from the world’s leading laboratories, and sell it directly to their members at factory prices. They do this by cutting out the middlemen and reducing packaging costs…this means that a lipstick that holds a retail price of £20, sells on Beauty Pie to it’s members for £3.17! An absolute bargain.

As you can imagine my  make-up bag has doubled in size over the last few months. I have two particular favourites: The Pro-GlowTM Superstrobing Drops (members price £4.18 – retail £22), you can either add a few drops to your foundation…or even your moisturiser, or you can use it to contour and add a drop to the areas you want to highlight. I like to use a small amount just above my cheekbones, to sharpen them a bit! Secondly the Quick Colour Contour Supergel (members price £4.26 – retail £22) is another favourite, sweep it down cheek hollows or along the jawline, blend with a brush.

Another big tick for me is the opportunity to be able purchase sample foundation shades, so you can match the right colour and live with it for a few days, just to be sure, and maybe keep hold of the sample colours to match again once Summer is here.

I am super excited about the new Retinol skin care range that they have recently introduced, at such hugely discounted prices you can’t go wrong to just try them!  Keep an eye out for my blog, as I will definitely be trying the range!!

Basically, from my point the answer is YES, you can have luxury beauty on a budget, but also the chance to try more things and be more adventurous with our choices. I have definitely re-introduced the dark and brighter lipstick colours to me make-up bag!!

Enjoy, have fun