The cheat’s birthday cake

Minecraft Cake

I am not a baker…but I do love cake!

I wish I could be one of those creatives mum’s that have the skills (and the energy) to start baking into the evening to produce a beautiful show piece to present the next morning for the school cake sale or the children’s birthday party – however I have accepted that this is never going to happen. The last time I baked a cake…a long time ago…it somehow exploded in the oven…really baking just isn’t my thing.

So for our last two birthday parties I found the perfect solution! There is a company called JN Cakes which I found on eBay. They make the most amazing edible cake toppers, producing all of the relevant characters that your child might be in to. From superheroes to video game characters. I have tried the Batman Movie figures and more lately the Minecraft figures.

Batman Cake with Batgirl, Robin, and Joker

If you are like me and actually are incapable of actually producing a normal sponge cake there is also a company that makes delicious sponge cakes that they will deliver for free the very next day. You can find their cakes at You can go for just a plain iced sponge, like I did, and add your toppers and really produce a creation at a proportion of the cost of a bespoke cake. And my kids loved them!!

Good luck with your cake making 😉


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