Langebaan – it’s so simple…just relax



Imagine long empty and very white sandy beaches, beautiful weather, amazing sunsets….welcome to Langebaan!!

As a child living in South Africa we used to spend our christmas’ here. Only 1 hour and 45 mins drive from Cape Town it is the perfect getaway, it’s amazing how different the landscape can be without really travelling very far at all.

If you are looking for a upbeat trendy resort to hang out in….then Langebaan is not your kind of place. The idea of a Nikki Beach type beach club, or any beach club for that matter, would destroy this idealic resort.

Pack your flip flops, cosie, shorts, t-shirts, and sun cream, keep it simple and you’re set (maybe bring a jumper for the windy evenings).

The beach is perfect for a morning run, or walk, depending on how many Dom Pedros you drink the night before, but none-the-less this beach will clear your head, particularly in the afternoons when the winds pick up…as you will see by the abundance of kite surfers who suddenly appear as the day unfolds.

Watching these kite surfers can be truly mesmerising, the splashes of colour across the ocean flying through the air just adds another depth to this wonderful place.

Kite surfers Langebaan Summer 2018

Did I mention the sunsets? Along with the rest of the Cape, Langebaan has the most amazing sunsets, just the perfect way to see the day off…

Langebaan sunsets

Along with all the above delights of Langebaan we found it to be a wonderful place to take the kids. The lagoon offers slightly warmer and calmer waters for swimming, although the waves do offer the perfect entertainment, let’s be honest how many of us actually swim in the sea, we all like to jump waves!! The rocks offer the perfect rock pools to explore and catch.

Sea anemones

We had two fantastic meals out. All the eateries are pretty relaxed, you won’t be frowned upon if you turn up in your flip flops, but might bring attention you yourself if you decide to wear your Laboutons!! We had dinner at ‘Pearlys’, a sea facing restaurant just off the beach. We dined out on oysters, sparkling, wine, fillet steak and Dom Pedros (it was Valentines Day!!) . It cost us about the equivalent of £50, and the food was delicious!! The atmosphere was great, it was really busy with a wonderful vibe. There really didn’t seem that many restaurants….so book…just in case.

Another wonderful place was Die Strandloper, but there is so much to say about this amazing place, so I will leave this for my next blog.

If you ever get the chance to experience the delights of Langebaan….do it.

Missing it already….until the next time x


South Africa – a truly colourful nation

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I was born in South Africa, and left to move to the UK with my family when I was 11 years old. I was that age when my father passed away so, probably for that reason I feel a strong connection with this beautiful country.

I was born in Joburg and moved to Cape Town when I was five. Johannesburg has simply the best climate, we are here in their Summer, and the days are quite beautiful. You will come across a bit of rain in the Summer, which the locals are grateful for, but it can move on quite quickly. The winter is their drought season, when the days are lovely, sunny and warm and the evenings can be quite cold, sometimes almost 0 degrees.

It is Cape Town’s warmest and driest season.

Anyway over my three week trip with my family, I have experienced many amazing things, from glorious sceneries to wonderful food. Over the next few weeks and I am so looking forward to sharing all of my wonderful experiences with you!

I hope you enjoy my journey.